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ET For Spirit Guides

By:Theresa J Thurmond Morris
Date: Wed,30 Mar 2011
Submitter:TJ Morris

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UFO Becoming Stealth

There are many of us who have worked around the government, which has had concerns of aliens, UFOs, Ets, Ebens, and now even Exopolitical groups who desire to have a full disclosure made open to the general populace of the world. This would require full disclosure of all our former secrets by each country, nation state, continent, culture, society, religion, government, governing body and so on and so forth.

Some of us, who have been prior investigators around the world, are forming an alliance that deals with sharing our views and opinions in open debate and in written articles as peers. We have not necessarily agreed on a term or classification in what our shared interests should fall under such as paranormal or ufology or both. I began a website like so many of us have to share our own articles of interest at our own leisure. We each are creating our own domains with our own following of subscribers and listeners, and readers.

We need to decide to confront the freedom of the grass roots community where freedom of speech and freedom of religion and all other freedoms that we regular people want to keep among the politicians who call us the grass roots society and that of the common layperson on the streets where political Main Street and not necessarily Wall Street is a concern.

The normal average person or John Q. Public does not necessarily involve the daily conversations of whether Ets or UFOs exist. I dare say that most have no opportunity to learn about what the world of exopolitics and those who consider themselves activists in this coined phraseology means among those who are UFOlogists, paranormal, metaphysical, philosophical, spiritual or new age websites might share in stories and opinions.

We all need to get on board with those who are of the scientific community who support also the motion picture industry and aeronautical space including NASA and AIM.

There are various groups including Roswell UFO Research Library and Museum, Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network (MUFON) and other known organizations that share interests. We have all seen television shows on the History Channel that we can share and get behind including the UFO Files. There is George Filer and his International UFO Organization and Stanton T. Friedman has his own website. There are various authors and writers and of course the George Noory show and the famous or infamous Art Bell Show on the radio. So many avenues to share now that once was rare. More and more websites, radio shows, and now links on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and You Tube videos. We all tend to share the information of UFO Digest and UFO Magazine from time to time.

Each country has their known information networks for the ET UFO Community and many know certain people and reporters by name in this arena, genre, or niche market of what is still termed hobbyists or special interests groups.

We know we need to do more to increase our numbers and that way we have a grass roots platform of which to base our findings of facts and sharing what could be turned into the future of awareness of the correct information.

We are truth seekers and we sometimes share interests in our entire intelligent being species and how we are officially supposed to operate on this planet.

Some like myself who have had first hand experiences in the general service and military service of our government feel caught in the cross hairs of the all seeing Big Brother while the whole world is watching and waiting for the exposure of our secrets that we felt obligation to keep to ourselves for national security reasons based on the good of all outweighs our own personal needs. This is how we were taught to keep our opinions to ourselves unless expressly asked for by our superiors. Now, that many of us has retired, or quit the service we have branched out into areas that are gray areas for sharing of information among ourselves. One might say, we have created a peer group of former service personnel of prior military service personnel around the world.

We all need to decide to cooperate with all people we have in common such as those of us who are sharing our interests with people and friends. Since we now have a commercial way to do this on Facebook then, it is possible to form links with stories that can be cross-referenced. Sharing and networking is what we should sustain in our ET UFO COMMUNITY.

This will be quite a feat of mega proportions. We should decide on one list of names that we can join and many of us do not want to join the Exopolitical Titles. Therefore, we should all share our opinions in one place and I suggest we use UFO Digest and Dirk Vander Ploeg as the mediator at this time. A mediation as in a court of law may be something that we could all agree too… Many of us are willing to share but whether there is trust among our own peer’s remains to be seen.

I have a website called Social Paranormal Global Community at for those who desire to read what I come across to share in life. This is only one website while I have a Blog called Theresa MORRIS Blog at, and I have American News Magazine at

I have changed from Roswell Connection and UFO Association because they just did not meet everyone’s needs and others have taken over the domain names that I began and had about three years each or more.

However, we all grow and change and this is what our community is doing. We have the UFO Casebook and many more great websites that we can share and link too.

Right now, it is time to go ahead and begin linking and sharing all our websites and making one reference place such as Wikipedia for us all.


Alien extra terrestrials and their spacecraft are part of our world’s reality of existence.

Some sentient intelligent beings are privileged to this knowledge.

Some of the human beings of earth that know that are briefed on this knowledge as fact are those in the military or parts of the governments of countries with the need to know.

This is the most common accepted way to know and these beings are told based on their positions of trust and of handling classified material.

There are those in North America commonly called the United States of America that knows and most of these human beings are those who work in national security.

These human beings are chosen based on their need to know as a job requirement to perform duties for the benefit of the government.

There are also some human beings on earth who have been contacted based on their DNA. These beings are those who are chosen for special missions that not even the military and national security are aware of.

Then there are those who claim to have been abducted. Some of these human beings are possibly telling the truth about their abductions. Many of these experience abductions at night while asleep. There are different types of alien abductions.

Alien extra terrestrials are part of our being sentient intelligent beings on earth. The extra terrestrials are those who are spoken of in most all the ancient cultures who have left written and oral messages of the past.

Creating new information from what is on earth is part of our age of revealing. There are many who are searching for meaning in their lives.
Therefore, I wanted to share what I knew in a book. So, after over one year of speaking off and on with an authority on the subject also called a UFOlogist named Stanton T. Friedman, I decided to do just that. I had told Stan ion March 22, 2006 of my plans and after a few phone calls, he agreed to write the forward to my book. Whitley Strieber had written a forward on one of Stan’s books. I later had Whitley Strieber join me as a friend on my Facebook page and we have had some contact on conversations where others could be a part of on the Facebook and Twitter accounts we each have. Anyway, Stan was busy writing his own books and had a daughter to marry in 2007. It is now 2010 and time has slipped away. I decided to go ahead, take some of my accumulated files from my computer, and simply offer them as information in a book form to others. This way if I die tomorrow, at least my family and friends will be able to know that I left something on earth behind me for others to find. That is the whole point in us coming here is fellowship, beside the obvious of living, exploring, researching and of course writing a book. I can tell those who are interested that those above actually enjoy books and one can find them in a library on the Larger Spacecrafts, as many refer, or call them the “Mother Ships”. I shall enjoy sharing some of my articles. I hope they will tell some type of story. Being that I do not know what I should add, it will be as big a surprise to me as to everyone else. The articles here are all that is left on my computer. All the others have been erased. There are some left on American Chronicle and UFO Digest for my readers to find. Thank you for reading my words and thoughts on paper. No matter how you read them if it is on the Internet or downloaded as an E-book. I thank you.

ON 8/14/07, Stan Friedman wrote:
The 38th Annual Mufon Symposium in Denver went very well. Both my talk about 60 years since Roswell and Kathleen Marden's "New Information on the Hill Case" were very well received. The press was out and did many interviews. Booksellers seemed to be doing very well. As well. I was surprised to be the recipient of the Excellence in Ufology award. A clever heavy statuette. Sort of an alien Oscar... I came home at midnight to many hundreds of email. I am committed now to another book for Career Press and just do not see how to find time for a book with you. I have trips to West Virginia, Edmonton, Alberta, and Detroit, Michigan, in September. In addition, one to Grand Canyon in October and we have a wedding on October 6 (Daughter) and a Hawaii trip in November and the book has to be done by January.   Stan in haste.

I contacted Stanton Friedman by E-mail and by phone. We talked; he sent me a short story for my websites Roswell Connection and UFO Association. Stan convinced me that my writing need not be fiction but to write a non-fiction.  J. Allen Hynek once told me I could trust Stanton Friedman when Dr. Hynek asked me about what I was reading on an airplane. He befriended me on our way back to Chicago. I once visited Glenn Dennis at the International UFO Museum and Resource Center in Roswell, New Mexico. Glenn asked me if I had met Stan Friedman who was writing a book about the Crash at Corona. I told him I had not, he asked me to please get in contact with, and that it would be interesting for us to meet at the crash site. We never crossed paths up to this day, but I feel as if I know Stan.

Writing a Book

By: T.J. Thurmond Morris

First Edition Published By:

TJMorris ACIR, U.S.A.
[email protected],

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission from the author and publisher, except for the inclusions of brief quotations in a review.

Copyright 2007 by TJ Thurmond Morris,

ISBN Print Edition:
ISBN Large Printed Edition:
ISBN PDF Screen Edition:
ISBN PDF e-Book Edition:
ISBN LIT Edition:
ISBN Palm Edition:
ISBN MobiPocket Edition:

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Morris, Thurmond TJ
Writing a Book

TJ Thurmond Morris, 1st Ed.
1. Authorship. 2. Authorship-Marketing 3. Writing


Chapter One - How to Begin
Chapter Two - Moving Your Readers -The Middle
Chapter Three - How to End
Chapter Four - Writing Fiction or Non-fiction
Chapter Five - Researching Subjects
Chapter Six - Title, Subtitle, and Book cover
Chapter Seven - Agents, Publishers
Chapter 8 - Time Management
Chapter Nine - Getting Organized


This book is dedicated to all beings on earth who have not yet written their first book. Remember, you are not alone.
Always strive for that which you think is impossible.
Always strive for ascension in progress. Imagine you as you want to be.

If you desire something, first, you have to imagine or image it, and then you have to be it with all of your thoughts and being and direct it into your plan. Then you can have it. If you want to be an author and to write, a book then let us gets started. I am glad to help!

I went looking for this book and it did not exist so I wrote it!

A publisher called to remind me that I was three books behind and I had promised myself I would finish one every six months, which they were apparently going to hold me too. I had written them and one day when I was having trouble with my computer, I erased them by mistake. Therefore, here I am writing myself a book on how to write a book and thought I might as well start from the beginning and share it. I once stopped writing for a few years and after the twenty-first century kicked in, I waited to see how the world would change with regard to books. It changed but not all books became electronic books about no more paper books on shelves at the bookstores and libraries. E-books are very much alive and well on planet earth. The traditional sense of the word for me is the hard cover book with a dust jacket. That in my minds eye is what most people think of when they think of a book.

However, there are also soft-cover books in what is called perfect bound, mass-market books on Cd or still on wood-pulp paper, and now books that can be downloaded and read on a PDA or computer. For some writers, their stories are serialized, condensed and excerpted for magazines and ezines, which are an electronic magazine on the internet. I have one of those too although it is constantly being updated. Some writers have their books published and distributed for them in many languages. The world had changed since I published my first book in 1993. I wrote the Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools for myself. I am still writing or revising that book and will as long as I am alive. Thought I was writing for myself when others started asking me to write for them. It began when people wanted to read my experiences as an investigator. The attorney I worked for at the time did not want me writing books and threatened to fire me if I did. At the time, I needed the job more than I needed to write a book. Since that time in my life, my life has changed and now I write not just for me but also for others. It is a comforting feeling to think that something I write will not only help me but others. In addition, it is my hope and desire that some of my books will become timeless and be a legacy for my children and grandchildren. In that respect I may have to write some fiction and fairy tales.

I have my office and my husband, Thomas Morris has his. We are both writers. This was not always the case. We both made livings with a pen and paper and writing investigations for the government in our past professions. We both spent thirteen years doing this as professional writers before this book came about. We of course did other things to make money but always it was our wit and writing that made us a living as investigators. Then we became newspaper reporters. Now we are just writers. Writers write. This is what we do. I hope that you too will want to write and will encourage others to write.

Tom writes fiction. Most of his has to do with prior military cases. Tom’s approach is to take the life he has lived and encompass it in fiction by changing the names and certain details. He is a doubting Thomas by nature.

I on the other hand write non-fiction. I was a licensed investigator two years before Tom joined the U.S. Army and seven years before I joined the U.S. Navy. I specialized in arson, fraud, and subrogation and did mainly insurance cases before venturing out on my own with my company ACIR. I got started writing in college and answered a want ad on the bulleting board at the college. I then became a Legal Investigator for attorneys. The rest is my history and my life. Thank God for computers!

Everyone on earth has a mind and something to say. What makes you different? Right now it is that you are reading this book and have a desire to complete something in your life that will last after you are gone, a book.
In America, we have a guarantee of freedom of speech with the First Amendment of the Constitution. So many of you will want to start with your legal rights. As far as America is concerned there is no requirement to belong to a certain group or register anywhere as an author. However, you may want to register your book and obtain an ISBN, which will assist you in marketing and sales of your book. I will discuss that in a later chapter.

Let us start our book with getting our ideas down on paper so we can decide what is important. I had to decide what I wanted in this book for myself in order to begin it. I started with the title first then the copyright page and then the chapters. There is no set way to begin. So do not think that what I write has to be right or the only way. There are many ways to begin any project to make it your own. My only concern in writing this book is to assist others and myself in not just beginning but finishing a book. With that explained, I am going to speak to those writers who already own a computer. If you do not then I suggest that would be a good place to start. If you cannot afford one then go to somewhere that rents them and you can pay for them with no credit check such as near, my hometown is a place called Aaron’s Rentals. Once you get your computer you may want to go to your public library to learn how best to access a computer with their guidance. Most teenagers these days that have graduated since 1997 are aware of computers and the windows programs. The Internet is a great tool that links the world in a completely new way. If you are not familiar with the Internet then please begin familiarizing yourself with the World Wide Web and Internet. This book is not about computers or training you to use one but we have to establish a point to begin and what tools we will use. So, let’s start with the fact that you already have a computer or know someone who does that will teach you to use it or at least the word processing portion and you can put your files on a disk and take them home with you to keep as your own until you do get your own computer. Now let us start with a word processing program which I prefer Microsoft word or Microsoft Works either one since that is what most of my publishers prefer. Adobe and PDF important also but we can get into that later. Just to begin this book you can see how important it is to establish as beginning and how important the computer is to me as a writer. Not only will we have to write the book in the general sense of the term but also we want to be involved in the design, production and promotion of our book. I cannot express enough to the new writer on how important it is in the end of your life as a writer to maintain as much control over the process of writing a book as possible. Besides control of your creation is the ability to write well. You may have heard the terminology trash in is trash out. In the computer world, what ever you put into your writing will be what you get out of writing. The need to write well and to get across your ideas and story clearly and as simple as possible for the reader is of the utmost importance. I am an outgoing person who loves to share my experiences with others. I really do not like to talk on phones. I do like to meet new people and am genuinely interested in people and where they are on their paths of becoming and experiencing. You will now have a tool that will assist you in meeting people. A book that has been written by you is a tool. A book is a product displaying that you have provided a service to yourself and others. Actually, in the way of the world, authors are well thought of and accepted as one who has contributed to our world. It does not matter what country you live in or where you may travel in the future, being able to say that you are a published author is a wonderful way to express and introduce yourself. There is no such thing as a typical reader regardless of what you read by other authors. My husband has a saying that the government always intends the reader to have no more than a sixth grade education. I do not know whether that still applies but the average magazine or newspaper article is written at a sixth to eighth grade education level. We do care about keeping our writing simple and to the point. In this day and time, people do not have the luxury of time to sit down and just down and enjoy a good book. As I meet more and more people who are younger than I am, I have a standard question on asking if they have read a good book lately. They usually look at me disgusted and say no. However, reality is that the students in schools these days are learning to use a computer and are using them to do homework. The average college aged student is either already owning their own computer or laptop or needing one to do their homework in college. Most people are reading these days to obtain information and not so much for entertainment. Due to the way of the future on the Internet, the need to get information as quickly as possible is starting to define how we think and build our websites on line. This is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or to talk down to any of my readers. The point is that I am writing this for not just you but for me as a writer and I want to remember to respect my readers and to speak simply and plainly. Fancy large colorful words are not needed these days unless maybe you want to be a Victorian novelist. Some writers use certain words in expressing themselves specially those who write of timelines or history. When there is a need to write flowery I am all for it. My mother was a writer and went to Rice University. She has written books, magazine and newspaper articles and did most her writing in the twentieth century. She and I write completely differently. However, she will want me to mention about your writing style. Your style is something that you will learn about it time. We must address your writing a book in order to develop your writing style. If you are interested in learning about the style of writing there are plenty of bo

TJ Morris

oks written on the subject or at least books written by writers who address the topic of style in some of their chapters. Your computer may be able to help you with regard to your grammar and style. Look in your tools for spelling and grammar. In addition, you may want some help on how best to set up your page. Most publishers give their own ideas on how they want you to set up your pages for publishing. For those of you that are use to computers and print out on standard paper you probably already have your margins set up. I use Microsoft works word processor although in the past have always used Microsoft word. This new computer came with Microsoft woks. On my file page set up I have set up the printer for standard portrait 8 ½ x 11 and am using the 1” top and bottom margin and 1.25” left and right margin. From edge 0.5” header and 0.6” footer. I am using Arial font in size 12. I present my books in 6” x 9” while I am typing because it is the closest to what I personally want to read. I do not insert pages until the publisher asked for it in their copy although I do keep up with word count in my tools. How many words or pages required depends on your publisher. In writing, there are 500 words or less, 1000 to 3000 for an article, and of course, research papers, journals, and other types of writing but here we are primarily concerned about book writing. Let us begin this book as you follow along with it is creation with ten chapters of about eight to fifteen pages a chapter. My brain is trying to create and think and both at the same time. What works best for me or you may not work best for most writers. However, we can safely stay with what works suggesting that most stories we read have a beginning, middle and an end. Some writers us an outline just like they learned in English in school. I personally do not use one but whether it is best for you is up to you. You remember the I, IA, IB, II, II, Ibis, etc. Most of the books I read in school began with a subject, explanation and discussion and then exercises for the student. Classroom work was directed by the teacher. He or she would speak about the lesson of the day, direct us to the chapter or page in our books, and we would discuss the chapter with the students taking notes. Sometimes, we would all be asked to read to ourselves and then someone would read aloud for the whole class to hear. Sometimes, we would be asked to write on the chalkboard a few problems or to diagram sentences. Then we would have a reading and/or writing assignment to complete as homework. It is said that it takes the average human twenty-one days to make or break a habit. That means doing or not doing something in repetition. In physics, we may discuss that matter is anything that occupies space. All matter is either one of two forms, fluid or solid. This book will be the fluid of your thoughts manifesting them in solid form. Fluids possess the property of flowing like the wind and a solid possesses rigidity of form and fixed locations and cannot move freely or apart. Energy is a body producing motion or to exert force. Writing involves inertia. This is best expressed y Newton’s first law of motion:” Every body remains either in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by some external forces to change its state of rest or motion.” In the beginning, we will be taking our fluid thoughts and putting them in solid form on paper so that we can see them as an author for others to see and read. It is said that energy repeats itself and that anything one can do or write has been done or written before. So, whether you believe that or not, let us begin by getting to the point.

The main point and what exactly you are going to share with the world. What should your reader be interested in that you personally have to say, being that it has already been said before? This will be the “So what” of your writing and is needed to understand they why and hard sell of your book. In addition, the goal or purpose for your writing this book, which will be what your reader should learn or do about what, you have written. Many writers still use three-by-five cards. Either way is fine. Remember there is no one way to write a book. Regardless of how many chapters we write, the book will still have a beginning middle and an end. Once we establish what we are writing about then we have to decide what portion of the book we want to include the particular portion in. Usually people prefer to read chronologically or from beginning to end. That is not the only way but for now, we will discuss a book without a twist on the ending. Your ending should be an echo of the beginning and some writers still use the hourglass figure from college English writing courses. A large beginning a thin middle and a large ending in words this resembles an hour glass if drawn with a pen or pencil as in a diagram. Editors of stories want focus. This is part of the thinking and creative process. Focus on what you want your story to be about and then go about creating the theme and title. Focus the main idea and tell your story in six to eight words or less. Try to put your story title and theme on a business card size of paper. Once we establish what we are writing about then we need to be able to tell a story in simple language that preferable does not include street language or the language of a university professor of physics. Writing in first person sometimes will include the word I which is not always well accepted unless possible teaching and writing in the first person as in a “How to Book.” Writing conversational writing is best and that is called writing with your ear to hear rather than your eyes to see. Have someone else give you an opinion of your book title and theme before proceeding and listen to what you have decided upon to devote your life’s energy to before actually committing. I can tell you now that without editing and a re-write this book thus far is too wordy. For that reason and for teaching, I may stop here and not include the book the way it is or for teaching purposes I may leave it and give some examples of how some of my sentences or best if reworded and rewritten. In rewriting, I may say something more significantly or I may not. All writers write, but the good writers, rewrite or so it is said in the writing circles. There are many great writers and far too many to mention in this book but I would like to mention that as many books as I have read that I have found that the truth in writing and rewriting may hurt to hear but it does apply. So, if you want to be a good and successful writer, go ahead and accept that your book will need to be rewritten and edited for being good enough to publish and sell. One famous said, “I apologize for such a lengthy letter but I do not have time to write a shorter one.” Books have a life all their own and can outlast the author’s mortal life. A way to become immortal is to write a book. This book does not cover technical manual writing but does cover the basics for a nonfiction book. We want to publish our first book and make money for our work. The easiest way to write a book is to find a topic that you want to share with the world.

ALIEN HISTORY By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Who built the Pyramid of Cuicuilco?
Human beings built pyramids with the assistance of higher intelligence beings. One might be correct in saying that the pyramids were built as alien pyramids. The alien pyramids were built for a reason. The pyramids were built to serve as markers form space.
On earth, there are three sets of pyramids strategically located near the civilizations of human beings on earth. One set in Africa, one set in Egypt, and one set in Mexico.
Three sets in order to use as markers on earth from space, or to be seen from high above.
There is much intelligence of the ancient beings on earth that has been lost or is still hidden from view. We as human beings are suppose to search as part of our history. We are natural born peaceful explorers. Exploring is what we do not just on earth but also in space. If we are not exploring, then we should be teaching. If we as humans are not teaching then we should be learning. Three things that intelligent beings do are explore, teach, and learn.
Human beings throughout time in history have allowed certain sects to form and create belief systems, religions, and empires. History has shown that we have destroyed much of what has happened on earth due to some natural catastrophes but also due to some human beings and their cultural civilizations.
Fortunately, some of us are here to share some of the shards of truth that were destroyed.
FAlternatively, example, the Library of Alexandria, one historical archive location was burned and destroyed for the most part. This is but one example of our ignorance due to allowing warring social gatherings of beings power over the whole civilized population. There are so many times in our ancient civilizations history that made for loss of more than beings.
As a whole once, civilized nation of intelligent beings on planet earth we must learn from our mistakes made in the past throughout time and history. This is now what the pyramids represent. If you need proof that ancient astronauts lived then look proof on earth and in space.
Intelligent beings do not exist without each other. Nor do other intelligent beings in another galaxy exist without desiring to assist other younger galaxies. We assist each other. This is our creators design. This is the plan. We explore, we teach, we learn, and we grow new environments, we learn from our experiences, we look forward to creating future growth, and due to our human nature, we are motivated to explore, teach, and learn. Survival is simply the mainstay of existing in order to exist on earth or another planet. This is not enough.
We have a master plan and are guided by the High Council.
These are ancient beings that have always been are aware of the power of the creator. There are higher intelligent beings that will assist the beings who live under their rule. There are masters of knowledge. There are those who are chosen to rule.
The pyramids are a reminder that we are not alone on this planet and that there are higher intelligent beings.
The pyramids were built and only later allowed for the Kings to use as burial chambers. These Kings knew that those from space guided them. Only the rulers and a few chosen spirit beings on earth were taught of the higher beings existence. For example, Moses being led by day and by night is but one example of being led through wilderness by an alien ship. During that time frame, a being from above would have been called God because of the voice coming from the ship that only Moses heard.

Hipparchus understood that systematically the stars shifted from positions with some divine intervention that was alien beings. There was very little interference in the evolution of the human race from those from upon high other than when was necessary. There are a few times when certain alien beings appeared to let certain people out of prison or to visit as alien beings from above. Some alien beings were considered angels and both were around at some times when nuclear technology was used to destroy.

Some alien beings and angels were around when human beings just could not accept that there were beings who visited earth from space.

One hard to believe fact and fascination was in numbers such as pi 3.14... In addition, the number 12, 9600 used in ancient Babylon. On earth, there were those of a civilization that were aware about alien beings coming and going from space. Since, it was hard to rule a young planet with new human beings, there was time needed to evolve. There is proof that alien beings, as well as, angels have always existed on earth.

For historians, looks far beyond those known civilizations of the Minoans, and Cretes, in a time before the ice age one earth. There are findings left to search out as explorers on earth. There was a time of Lemuria and Atlantis. There were times on earth when human beings were given technology that was to sophisticated for their people. Destruction occurred during that time that was created by human being on earth.

The Lemurians were a peaceful civilization with many great qualities. Atlanteans were a great race but were not as intelligent and peaceful enough to handle the high technology of nuclear and laser technology. We once again had to wait for human beings to evolve in mental capacity.
We are now ready to embrace theories about space-time and other theories that excel the speed of light. We are more able to accept truth as more than being science fiction and fantasy. Time is relative and not absolute. When we go to the space carrier one minute on earth equals one day in our space place. Time slows down as an object gains momentum in space. There are wormholes that can be traveled in space to get from one galaxy to another therefore bypassing what we know on earth as light speed, a theoretical limit of acceleration.
The Torah Code is ready to be broken and there are some keys and adjustments that have to take place first. If we cannot accept that alien intelligent beings assisted beings in building the pyramids, how can we as a race of intelligent beings on earth be trusted with the Torah Code? For researchers and seekers of the Torah Code and Da Vinci Code mysteries, follow and keep seeking mysteries of the pyramid markers. Read the Talmud of Jmanuel. TJTM

There is much to share in one lifetime on earth. I have had many alien contacts and the aliens were perfectly normal to me. I am a better person for having alien contact.

The interest in people such as me always amazes me. I am simply a messenger. I thought for sure that I would be ousted from the planet of humanoids and thrown out to the space beyond. Aliens communicate telepathically, by computer, by spacecraft, and when all else fails to get your attention, in person.

What amazes me most about humanoids is their incessant inquisitive ways regarding others of their own species. So many people are interested in their own kind on earth. I am a humanoid species, otherwise known as a human intelligent being.

I was asked by many readers to begin sharing my own personal story. There seems to be an interest in people like me who have had a life of accepting aliens and UFOs. I cannot understand why the interest but it must make for good reading for those who tune into UFO Digest on a regular basis, because I am told that my articles are attracting new readers and I am getting e-mails from people who say they read my article on UFO Digest and just happened to tune in by happenstance on the internet online.

Maybe this is how we are all supposed to finally meet. We can know each other by internet on line. I do know that on the flagship, there is a library and the information is stored in computers and not in hard cover paperbacks. Why do we cut down trees which provide us oxygen was one of the aliens questions. I was born with the knowledge that I was not from earth. I went through a period of thinking I was alone on earth without my friends.

I was born on earth according to my birth records and church role. I have no doubt that my name is Theresa Janette Thurmond because I have a birth certificate. I also have a marriage certificate to prove that I married Thomas Ray Morris. My driver’s license and social security have the name Theresa Morris and therefore, I must be she. I mean I believe that I am the person that was born with the name above and that I married a man taking his last name the custom of Americans in the United States.

I have shared my story of how I was once visited by aliens in a UFO and was put back down in a field near my home at about the age of four. That was the story about when I was a little girl and this is what started the interest in me as a person with UFO Digest.

Not a lot to share there in the past other than what I told you about growing up with alien sightings and visiting a UFO and aliens in White Sands, New Mexico at the age of nine.

I always thought that much of what I knew inside of me was normal. I thought that aliens were part of our learning process until that one time in White Sands, when my Grandmother and cousins told me not to ever speak of aliens and UFOs again.

Then I married a man who worked for NASA. This was when I learned once more about the many people who knew of aliens and UFOs but were not allowed to speak about what they knew or believed was the truth about our galaxy friends. This was a time in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. That story was quite a mind opener to many and the story went around the world fast without my assistance. I was just one of many I thought who believed as I do and were keeping secrets from the populace. Some of the reasons I thought were ridiculous even then. Now I am over fifty-five years of age and have learned to use discretion when it is due with others on earth.

During the 1980’s I was all about learning about how corporations and the government in America worked. I wanted to know how to survive in corporate America and among the civilians and the military. This learning process was enjoyable. I soon learned that most of what I thought I was wanting and causing, was looking more as someone other than myself was controlling.

There were people who seemed to groom me and guide me inside a certain secret organization. I was never sure about the people I was working for and with while in government employ. I left and became a corporate chief executive officer. I was happy for about five years until I realized I had a soul quest.

I had received an epiphany while in Hawaii. I had already begun classes for the new Ascension Center, which was a basic scheduling of new age, metaphysical, mind-body-spirit classes. There was so much offered in Hawaii and I had to learn about the Shaman ways of healers while I was in Hawaii.

I learned about sound and color vibrations, auras, and auric fields, and working with stones, and nature’s own remedies. Hawaii was as close to Paradise on earth that I had found for living near mountains and seashores. I was certain that the old traditional Hawaiians had come to be because of the peaceful nature of those similar in a time called Lemuria. I was certain that much of the traditions of the Shaman ways of the Lemurians had carried on but I could not figure out how.

I decided that I would teach and did so for a while in Hawaii. This is when I began the eight-week course on Andromeda Galaxy. That was fun and I soon learned to use the vibrasound with music. This was something that was peaceful and enjoyable at a spiritual level of existence. Dr. Laura Sturgis, PhD., and Cynthia Chu, a natural Chinese healer both worked together and introduced me to the process which Dr. Laura had learned about in California. This was an enjoyable part of my journey in Hawaii. I also enjoyed the People Synergistically Involved (PSI) Seminars, which were offered. I went to all levels of classes offered and received my leather bound book of writings that were comforting. There was not much that I could not do at that time in my life.

I soon learned about astral travel and how to share it with others. A nurse who had a large following of students taught this. We learned about many levels of sharing.

There were many schools and many disciplines offered in Hawaii. Many of the people that were in Hawaii were there to learn on their own spiritual paths. This was the place to go for natural enlightenment. However, many metaphysical traditions were still taught in Hawaii including, spiritual healing with stone massages, and tarot reading with cards. There were so many paths and I learned many while in Hawaii in years 1987-1994. Seven years of living in paradise was enough for me. I had to move back to the mainland.

However, just before I was to move, there was a calling of spiritual like-minded souls. There were thirteen of us and all were women. We were all called psychically and the one woman who had seen a UFO under water in the ocean where she lived near the shore was astounded when we all arrived. She said that she was told to call a meeting at her home on this day at 7 PM. She had no idea who would show up or what for other than to see the UFO.

We saw the UFO that was well lit underwater. The light was beautiful and the ocean was so blue that night. There was a full moon and we were on the side where the marines had their base on down the same side of the beach. There were many palm trees and white sand.

We did not know each other at all in the reality of our present world. However, I went with one woman who was called the same as I and had heard about the meeting. I said I had too so we decided to ride together. We never met again on earth after this meeting. Her name was Lois Hootz and she was moving to Australia with another friend. We had become spiritual friends with Dr. Laura and Cynthia in meetings. Lois had lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky and had studied in the Bible belt. Lois was a social worker and probably is still. Dr Laura still teaches in Hawaii and is a psychologist. Last, I heard, Cynthia was teaching Lomi Lomi.

We never talked about the UFO or the meeting ever again. I truly believe that there is a way for those who have UFO contact to believe that there is a real reason for not sharing the story with others. I believe that the aliens have a way of making one forget. I may be totally off on that belief but I had later incidents with aliens and UFOs that made me believe that all the UFO encounters that I had actually had through my life were not important and should not be talked about or shared with others. I believe that this was the way it was suppose to be for a long time.

The reason I believe that people were given information to know and to hold onto but not share is because of what I have experienced through life. My alien contacts always seemed to be a natural normal process of learning and conversations telepathically. However, I also have the memories of being with someone who had a way of making me think that I did not have to share what I was taught. I never really thought of what I was learning as a secret but I also was taught that it was not important to others for me to disclose.,,,,
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