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Kryon Book 1 - The End Times

By:Lee Caroll
Date: Thu,25 Jan 2007
Submitter:Ian J

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Kryon Book 1: The End Times

"For anyone who is ready for the next evolutionary step, this information from Kryon is invaluable. It is both self-healing and planetary healing...Kryon really lets us know that all is well and we have work to do."

Louise Hay - Best Selling Author

Extract from book.


From the writer...

These next few pages may contain some of the most enlightening glimpses yet as to the way things work from the entity known to me as "Kryon." As the Channelling/writer, I have had the extraordinary privilege of putting Kryon's messages on paper. I have known of Kryon for some time, and have essentially ignored him. It took two psychic readers unknown to each other, three years apart, to actually spell his name out loud in a session and say that he was of importance and so... sheepishly I plopped myself down at the word processor and began to transcribe Kryon's messages to all of us.

Immediately, Kryon gave us a very loving look at a prime issue: The subject of Jesus Christ, who he really is, and a good synopsis of the Metaphysical belief system (Chapter 6 in this book). Kryon even gave us new interpretations of the Holy Scripture... and I almost didn't write it down, I was so startled by the boldness! (I was also afraid lightning might strike me at any moment, an obvious cultural influence). Kryon is speaking directly to humans in the western world through these writings, and he seems to relate to what is happening to us personally right now.

I am told repeatedly to be still and write, and not to complain about what I get... and not to worry about what others may say (Kryon is very practical and very direct). He reminds me constantly that I am under contract to do this, and that we have had service together in the past. Naturally I have no direct knowledge of what he is talking about, since I am very much a part of Earth, and very skeptical of just about everything until it hits me on the head enough times... as Kryon has. Believe me, this experience is highly unusual for me. I am a businessman who hasn't channelled anything more than my TV set for 48 years... and now this! There is something urgent, serious, and at the same time very loving, from this high entity beyond the veil (as Kryon calls it).

This writing is for the more Metaphysical of you. Kryon wants to speak about the other side of the veil, and who he is, why he is here, and a little of what is coming up for us on Earth. He doesn't like to be genderized (as I have done in this sentence), but I refuse to call the entity an "it," and calling him a "shim" (she/him) contraction wont do either. So I revert to a him whenever I absolutely have to for syntax. Kryon has one recurring theme, and I am given the repeated message that it is very important: "LOVE is the most powerful force in the entire Universe. It is the glue that will bond our belief together, instead of the doctrine that does it for the other systems. Love is not being recognized for its power, and it is not being used by us correctly." I think that as these writings proceed, further chapters will expound on what we should do to solve this.

If you have no knowledge of the Metaphysical belief system, I suggest you read more about it within the sixth chapter of this book (Jesus Christ – who he really was); otherwise what follows may sound very strange indeed! Those of you with some knowledge of the Universal belief system will be more at home with what is to come.

Kryon wants me to write for the common person, not the one who has been part of the "New Age" movement for years and years. He admonished me very early on to keep the process simple and direct, and has given me good methods in which to do so. Those who have been in the movement for many years wont have any problems with this kind of writing, but Kryon tells me that there may be some resistance from the old timers due to new interpretations. It seems that we are entering a time where information is going to be much clearer. In the past a great deal of information had the right thrust, but the wrong facts, and now we are going to clear some of this up.

This book features the first time that Kryon will come forward and speak in the first person. Within the entire book I am actually typing as it comes, with very little steering correction along the way. I have been very clearly instructed to do this, and to let the grammar fall where it may and the communication flow... the result is a style that is a bit ragged, but you will read it with the same ‘first time’ spontaneity that it was written.

What follows, therefore, we will both see for the first time... myself as the writer and you as the reader. Most chapters will have writer's notes before them, and each time there will be comments written before the actual Kryon communication.

Lee Carroll

...And now, meet Kryon.

Who am I?

Greetings! I am Kryon, of magnetic service. Each one of you is loved dearly! If you have been brought to a point where you are reading this communication, you are in the right place at the right time. Please continue. I am speaking directly to you.

I speak to you now as clearly as I can through my partner; but I cannot use language as you know it, so the actual words are still being translated through his mind. My communications are actually independent of any language. I speak to you in "thought packages" and "idea groups," translated into your words so that you can understand.

I have chosen this writer for several reasons, the main one being that he agreed to do this before he came in. He has a contract, but as any human he can choose not to do this if he wants. He also intuitively knows that if he doesn't do this, I will probably keep him from sleeping for about 50 years. The other reason for my choice is that he has no former training of the Metaphysical system. That is, he has not studied it or read associated books. This creates an unbiased area for my thought packages to land. This is his ninth year of growth and awareness, and it is now appropriate for him to follow his action opportunity. He is uncomfortable to be writing about himself, so I will continue.

My name isn't really Kryon, and I am not a man. I wish I could impart to you what it is like to be the entity that I am, but there are basic human implants of psychological restriction that simply will not let you understand. I will expound on this later. My name is a "thought group" or "energy package" that surrounds me and is recognizable by all other entities. This same package is sent in my communications and identifies me at all times. I am constantly in communications with all – please simply accept this. The spelling of my name I gave to those who needed it came in a thought package and is as close to my TONE sound as I could get for your language. There is really much more to my name than the sound, and I would really like you to be able to "feel" it; but you are unable at this time.

My name energy package (which is different than my communications energy package) consists of three parts: (1) TONE – What you perceive as sound, but is perceived here in a non auditory fashion, (2) LIGHT FREQUENCY – what you perceive as light and color, and (3) FORM – what you perceive as shapes and designs. It is presented singularly as one package, and perceived in a way which is not significant to you at this time. Most of my name package is out of the range of any of your human senses.

This is very difficult to explain. It would be like explaining your colors to a sightless human. You have not been given the receptors that will give the understanding as to how I am perceived, and this is as it should be.

It is very interesting to me that those humans "in touch" with this side of the veil for many years have not really put this energy package together yet. Your restrictive implant design is responsible for your two-dimensional reasoning, but those with balance should have been able to put this together before now. It's time to begin! You have many enlightened writings about the meanings of color, light, sound and shape design... and you recognize their significance. But you must think three dimensionally about these things, and put them together for them to be truly meaningful. To many these items separately just seem as loose knowledge, and are passively interesting. When you put them together and start to work with them, they will become alive with energy. Believe it! It is how things work.

Kryon: The End Times - Buy Now
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alex hamilton said:

Hello thankyou for making this available. I printed
everything. I went to Kryons' sight but no joy! couldn't get it. Alex In Montreal.
Mon,22 Sep 2008,21:57:19 GMT
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