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Mankind and world prophecies

Date: Sat,10 Sep 2011
Submitter:Joseph Starman

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I am Joseph and I am back to write more about my “Friends from other worlds” That I have been “Writing with” for sixteen years. I have put on this website a little about myself two weeks ago to explain that I write “Spiritual” poems and messages including “Prophecies” that have been given to me by “Friends” from “Other worlds”

But it came into my mind the other day and it has been encouraged by
“My friends” from these other worlds to start to put my understanding and beliefs in the written word for others to read in the hope to get them to see and think in a different way.

For what I have learnt and come to understand is so different to that of other psychic and mediums I have spoken to over the years and of course this learning has become more over time until now. For “My friends” are telling me it is now time to put my “Words on the Internet” so as to show to the world what I have been given.

I feel I need to explain a little more about myself so others might be interested in reading my writings and prophecies and I see clearly that I have been guided to this website so as to help me reach a larger audience so that they will visit my website, but where do I to start, at my basics beliefs I feel is a good place to start:

I believe in other worlds and that “Beings” from these other worlds are around us all the time and coming through sometimes as “Spirit” I believe that most of what psychic call “Guides” are in fact “Beings” from other worlds trying to help us.

I “Feel” that one day not too far away “They will in fact tell the ones they help the truth of themselves” I feel they will do this all at the same time so as to help the “Amazing changes” that mankind and also planet Earth are going to go through over the next ------- this one I don’t know (Yet)

I have “Friends in spirit” and also other “Friends” that I can only describe as:
“Beings from other worlds” (And I know much more than I write) now most of us know this other “World as where spirit is” but they tell me their word for it is: “The Sublime” so that is what I will be calling it now.

I am told and I totally believe that nothing “We do is by chance or by accident” all and everything is planned for. I also believe and I am told by
“My friends” in the other world that Earth is just like a “Giant theme park”
and their words for it are:

Where we come to play and do all the things we cannot do while “Living” in the other world. Then when it is over we “Go home” to be “What we really are” to live in the Sublime and carry on until we reincarnate back to Earth
but there is another way.

I have been told and believe this to be true, that “Higher Beings” can and do move between different worlds and it is only opened to them to either stay around Earth to help mankind or incarnate or move away to other worlds or back to their home world. They are able to do this because they have a higher vibration and the higher the vibration the more they are able to do with “All That Is” having the highest.

It is these “Higher Beings” that have given me most of my understanding
and the “Prophecies” These are “The ones that stand to watch us” and I believe “They” have always been around us and it is these “High Beings” from these other worlds that have incarnated to Earth to be “Prophets” so as to try and help to guide us, but even in their own words given to me to write for others to read:

They told me each time it has not worked out as they had hoped it would because powerful men for their own ends hijacked their words and still it
goes on. But “They tell me” that this time; this will not happen;

no one can change, alter or stop the message of change being told that is why “We have Tv and the Internet” Everyone everywhere in the world can see and hear what is happening wherever it is happening all at the same time.

They told me over the years and it is all written, that the biggest changes mankind is going to face is coming to terms with the truth of where they are now and then facing this truth through the great change they are all going to go through that will in the final outcome bring mankind back to the old ways. This is the great plan for us all.

But to get there “We all of us” are in for a very “Bumpy ride” that ends one day in the future with the demise of most of mankind, leaving only “Aboriginal people” alive to carry on “And start a new” this is what I have been told will happen to mankind in the future. I see that this is the only way that mankind would go back to basics for there so no way it could happen with all of mankind as it is now (Just to many of us) and to many powerful and wealthy men who would do their best to stop any change.

I have not been told anything of what is to happen in December 2012
(If anything) But my thoughts and feelings are this:

To me we are already into the great change. All you need do is to look at the weather around the world and what many people all over world are doing to get their freedom and make their lives “Different” it seems to me that so many people in the world are unhappy with “Their lot” and are looking for “Change” and will do almost anything to bring in “Change”
I have even been told:

That many of the young people in the world have been born to bring in this change and they are willing to die for what they see “As unfair” they want their fair share and will die to get it, just look at what is happening in the
Arab counties.

The word that comes again and again is “Change” it’s needed and is coming like it or not. But in truth there are so many “Things going to happen” mankind will not know which way to turn and as I have been told:

“They will cry out to their many Gods” for help but as always; it will not stop or alter anything for everything is planned for and it will happen. This I believe for “My friends have said so”

There is much more to read on my website and I have started to change some of the pages every few days so that there is more to read. I am also going to add to the words above and explain so much more of what I have been told plus what I believe and understand. So for now – Let love and light be in you and around you, Joseph.

This is my website address
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susan evans said:

I love your poems with such detail and colour
they bring the future to life
a new future dawns.
Mon,12 Sep 2011,12:35:30 GMT
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