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Should You Charge for Your Services?

By:Andrea Elliott
Date: Wed,08 Feb 2012
Submitter:Andrea Elliott

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Money. It's a funny thing isn't it?

Unless you are living on an abundant paradise island, with all the food, water, and shelter you could possible need for several lifetimes, you need money. Especially now with the cost of our most basic needs rising almost daily.

So, as a holistic health or spiritual adviser how do you strike a balance between credibility, integrity and your own financial commitments? And what exactly do I mean by that?

OK, well lets say you are a working Clairvoyant Medium. As a Medium you are in fact working for Spirit and you are giving messages to people, who have lost family members. They have come to you for help, peace of mind and proof that their loved ones are still "around".

But if you have the "gift" of communication with Spirit should you gain financial? Should you be more intent on the personal gratification of helping someone rather than material reward? Could you been seen as profiting from their grief ? Where does integrity fit in? Does blowing ones trumpet, if you receive some mind-blowing proof, really conveying a humble, spiritual persona?

Mmmmm, it's a difficult one.

I had a discussion with a Reiki healer in France a few months ago. His view was: as a spiritual healer he was helping people feel better and even the thought of charging for healing was out of the question. I asked him if he had studied to become a healer and was he charged for his tuition? Being a qualified Reiki healer myself, I already knew the answer was undoubtedly yes. All certified Reiki/Spiritual Healers and a vast majority of Mediums have undergone months, even years of training. Reiki students pay for their training at each level and, if the trainer is worth their salt, the student should be required to provide case studies and produce history and philosophical essays - before they are deemed a Reiki Healer.

To become a Medium you must be dedicated and practice meditation (preferably) every day and it is advised that you attend a development group at least once a week.

Therefore, along with any other student, a holistic or spiritual student works hard, puts in a lot of time and effort and pays for their tuition. So why should they forgo their needs once "qualified"? There are bills to pay, a roof to keep and food to buy.

But as a "light-worker" if the thought of receiving payment still leaves you feeling cold then look at it this way: A client pays for the time you have set aside just for them and the payment is simply an exchange of energy and time, in exactly the same way they pay the doctor, dentist, counselor, beauty therapist............You enjoy the work you have chosen so you have earned the right to enjoy both the personal and financial rewards too.

So don't feel bad. You have a skill, you are worth it. The trick is to find the right balance between your personal views and your personal needs.
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pat said:

Hi Andrea

I agree it is not easy for some people to accept having to pay for spiritual services. However as someone who first went to a medium/clairvoyant back in 1982, and the cost then was £25..... a lot of money for me. Over the years I have had a lot of readings with psychics/mediums and spiritual teachers, and have gone without other things to have such a sitting.

Too many people will not think twice about spending £20 on an evening out but rebel at spending that on matters spiritual.

Whilst going to spiritual mediums, psychics, trance teachers, etc... I have never had to look for proof of survival after death as that has always been a stong and certain belief. However when I have gone it has been for knowledge, information about my future present life, although with my typed Akashic Readings, and one personal Akashic Reading sitting, I have been very fortunate to have knowledge and info given to me from past lives going back to Atlantis as well as this life.

For me, I have always paid for that knowlege and enlightenment from spirit and so to me, I see nothing wrong in charging. After all, we have to remember everyone else in society charges for any kind of gift they have, often a great deal.

Healing for me is a free service. However I do accept those who wish to be a healer full time instead of a different kind of job, then they charge. However there are many healing organisations now which do free healing. For instance The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary; Healing International - The Distant Healing Network, of which I am an absent healer.

I tend to be of the opinion that so many of us have wanted I am sure to spend our working days doing a job we love, ie spiritual, and not having to earn a living doing a job which we do to pay our bills and put a roof over our head. But earning a sufficient living from spiritual work is not possible to a large section of society as it can come and go.

Therefore it is up to us and how our life has got to a particular stage in it, whether someone charges or not.

I also think there are for me different kinds of spiritual services. For instance someone can go to a psychic and have a half hour session and then the psychic is free. Whereas often for those who do typed spiritual readings for instance, the service takes a great deal longer putting together the reading and typing it out. (I am of the latter).

Also, a different process is involved doing postal readings than a face to face sitting.

These days I do not go to anybody..... (that is not to say I won't in the future, but to tide me over and enable me to look into my future !!! I have many sets of divination cards I use myself for me)!

Giving proof of survival is a completely different service to any I have offered in that there are a great many people who want a message from their dad, mum, etc, loved one who has passed over. That can be where a lot of the so called controversy comes into play with charging, as too many people think that should be free. Again, many people are just not willing happily to pay for this last service.

We all have free-will. I know that through going without over the years ie to have a reading, I have gained a great insight into how spiritual/psychics/teachers work, and so it has been money well spent.

To give an example, in about May I purchased a set of Angel Tarot cards which I love. They were not expensive, about £9.00 but I could have easily frittered that amount away and it would have been gone, whereas I still have the cards today and use them.


Fri,13 Jul 2012,13:36:54 GMT

Mark Digby said:

The problem comes when how much is charged for a Medium or Healers time....Some charge peanuts some charge a fortune ? Theres no happy Medium here....scuse the pun......
Wed,11 Jul 2012,22:01:00 GMT

Andrea Elliott said:

Some great comments.
Thank you All
A xxx
Tue,14 Feb 2012,19:42:21 GMT

Cherry said:

This is something I have often thought about but very few are well off and don't need to worry about paying bills. How about using a Donation box placed where people could put something in but not in a place where they would feel bad if they couldn't afford a donation. One lady I know had a dish with a note or two of the usual amount donated which helped those who were not sure how much was expected. The healer could always tell those they know are struggling that they don't need to put anything in the box or dish.
Tue,14 Feb 2012,14:32:25 GMT

Maxine said:

Hi Andrea and thank you very much for raising these issues regarding money for our services to humankind, which is only whilst we are in this 3rd dimensional world not forever. Last year I was given the gift of mediumship, psychic ability and clairvoyency and an incredible healing ability. I have been told by someone of a higher authority than me that I will be a profound healer and psychic. For this reason I wish to dedicate my life using my new found skills working alongside my guides to give humans an insight into their lives and futures and to heal them. As I will need to give up my day job I will have no income to pay my mortgage and bills and other. I would dearly love to give up my home and all my current materialist wealth which I have accumulated over my lifetime of 47 years, but where would I live, who would keep me warm and give me shelter, who would feed me? I only have me to rely on for these things to survive. My mission is to help others to bring them to full Enlightenment and to reassure people of what is happening now in particular 2012 and the Ascension and to offer healing where need be. I have not charged for anything to date but I will have to in order to survive in this third dimensional world. I am changing my life to be more self-sufficient and have less of everything that I am used to.

The healing that I give and the I the psychic readings and information I give have never been paid for and no-one except for one person has offered me anything in return. This is why I am here to bring the light of God back into peoples lives, to bring the Joy back and to have Peace on Earth once more, and to have an abundance for ALL and to have Unity to live together as ONE.

I am also study in any spare time I have about world religions and metaphysics and other to help as many people as I can - in this current world everything costs something!

A light worker who is with God and who has seen the Light!
Tue,14 Feb 2012,01:01:26 GMT

Kitty said:

In my Reiki Journey, I've had to pay over £600 for training. I worked hard to save and yes I do charge for my reiki treatments, or I couldn't survive as a therapist. However I do work with some clients who I give free treatments to. At the moment I don't know of anyone near me offering free reiki attunements xx
Mon,13 Feb 2012,22:05:57 GMT

Eliah said:

Look at the thousands of healers and psychics who use the Spirit Guides website to advertise? They have a gift but they also have a life!
Mon,13 Feb 2012,19:56:31 GMT

Lesley said:

Have to agree with Angel. Healing is a gift, given freely. You're justifying making money from a gift. Did Jesus charge?
Mon,13 Feb 2012,17:23:52 GMT

Eliah said:

The point was recognising self worth & no, 9 times out of 10 Reiki training/bonafide lineage is definately not free and is merely an example of work undertaken by holistic practitioners
Sat,11 Feb 2012,20:08:52 GMT

Ángel said:

Reiki healers abilities are transferred directly to a student free of charge. Everyone has this ability for free. Healing is free otherwise it's a business. Read biography of a yogi. Your missing the point.
Sat,11 Feb 2012,02:22:37 GMT

Ángel said:

Reiki healers abilities are transferred directly to a student free of charge. Everyone has this ability for free. Healing is free otherwise it's a business. Read biography of a yogi. Your missing the point.
Sat,11 Feb 2012,02:22:28 GMT
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